As Joan Collins said, age is just a number.

But if you’re starting to feel like emerging lines and wrinkles are making you look older than you are (and importantly, how you feel!), you might have started looking into treatments that can help target lines and reduce their appearance.

This month, our skin clinic in Geelong is looking at some of the top treatments designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

What is the difference between fine lines and wrinkles?

While essentially the same thing, the main difference here is the depth of each type of line.

Fine lines are normally a lot thinner and don’t run as deep, while wrinkles are usually more prominent and the crease runs deeper into the skin.

Wrinkles are also referred to as “expression” lines, as they are most common in areas of the face that move when making expressions, such as around the eyes or the mouth when smiling or between the brows when frowning.

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Common types of wrinkles and fine lines

Most types of facial lines and wrinkles are caused by repetitive movement and muscle concentrations over time, but can be accelerated by external factors such as smoking, sun exposure, and poor diet. Genetics can also play their part.

Here are some of the most common lines on our faces.

Forehead lines

Muscle contractions when expressing surprise, doubt, or fear, result in raised eyebrows which can lead to horizontal lines across your forehead. Sun exposure can accelerate the development of these lines.

Frown lines

Frown lines, or 11 lines, are medically referred to as glabellar lines. These are the two vertical lines (hence the “11” nickname) that sit between the eyebrows.

They are usually caused by contracting muscles when one frowns or furrows their brows.

Crows feet

These small lines spread from the outer corner of your eye, and are caused when you smile or squint.

Laugh lines

Also referred to as marionette lines, these are vertical curved lines that appear on either side of the mouth. As the name suggests, these lines are formed due to repetitive smiling and laughing.


Common causes of fine lines and wrinkles

Sun exposure

Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages the elastic in the skin, causing it to look dry, crepey, and dull.

Repetitive movement

Repetitive movement leads to what we call dynamic wrinkles – these are folds and creases on the skin that appear when we pull certain faces or make certain expressions.

Repetition over the years can cause these dynamic wrinkles to become ‘static’ – which is when they appear even when the face is relaxed.

Loss of collagen

It’s believed that from the age of 20, we produce 1% less of collagen every year.

Over time, this can lead to sagging or looser skin that has lost its elasticity.


Tying in closely with loss of collagen, which becomes more prevalent as we age, the natural ageing process can be responsible for the emergence and severity of wrinkles and lines of the face.

Intrinsic ageing will occur regardless of additional outside factors, such as smoking or sun exposure.

SkinPen skin needling


What is the best treatment for fine lines and wrinkles?

1. Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are part of our anti wrinkle range, where lost volume is restored in order to fill lines and therefore reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The result? Smoother and more plump skin that makes you feel totally revitalised!

2. Injectables

Along with dermal fillers, injectables make up the rest of our anti wrinkle treatments.

Injectables such as Botox are used to temporarily weaken the facial muscles that cause unwanted lines. Injectables make the skin tighter and smoother, while lines are softened.

Results may vary, but in many cases, can last for up to four months.

3. SkinPen Skin Needling

Precise Micro-Mechanical Skin Remodeling (PMSR) using the SkinPen can treat a range of skin conditions, including pigmentation, acne scarring, surgical scars, and of course, fine lines and wrinkles.

SkinPen skin needling is the only technology available in Australia that is TGA approved. Beware of other cheap imitation products in the market!

4. Clear + Brilliant®

The Clear + Brilliant® system directs fractional lasers into the deep layers of the skin to restore plumpness, elasticity, and volume.

Target some of the most common signs of ageing skin, including fine lines, pigmentation, and dull skin tone with this non-invasive treatment.


How do I get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on my face?

Even with lifestyle changes, it can be hard to fully eradicate wrinkles on your face.

However there are preventative measures that can be taken to slow the progression of lines, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Here are our top tips.

Wear sunscreen everyday

Yes, when we say every day, we really mean it… even those overcast days where you think the sun couldn’t possibly be doing any damage.

Check the UV index daily (most weather apps include this) and ensure sunscreen application becomes a part of your daily skincare and makeup routine.

Drink plenty of water

As well as flushing toxins from the body and keeping your brain and heart healthy, drinking water helps to improve skin elasticity, prevent acne, and can even reduce wrinkles.

So if you’re reading this, this is your reminder to fill up your drink bottle! Ensure you’re drinking the recommended amount of water every single day.

Look at your skincare

Choose the right products for your skin type. For example, skincare products that contain collagen-stimulating ingredients keep the skin hydrated, supple, and plump.

At Vitality, we use and recommend evidence based cosmeceutical skincare!

Quit smoking

We all know the severe effects of smoking on virtually every aspect of our health, so it’s really no surprise that it affects your skin, too.

It ages you prematurely by depleting your levels of collagen, dehydrating the skin and narrowing your blood vessels, which means oxygen flow is dramatically slowed down.

Look at your sleeping habits

Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep, and modify your sleep habits if you have trouble catching your ZZZs at night. Proper sleep is vital for a healthy mind, mental health, improved immunity, along with skin’s overall appearance and a healthier vibrant glow.

During this period, several key internal processes aid in skin renewal and repair while encouraging the regeneration of skin cells. In addition, getting ample sleep also helps balance estrogen levels to support moisture retention.

You could also try swapping your regular pillowcase for a silk one. A 100% silk pillowcase can help your skin retain moisture (and it’s also great at preventing split ends).

Compression is a common issue that may lead to face wrinkles, and refers to the pressing of our face into a pillow in the same position every night.

If you’re a stomach or side sleeper, consider a memory foam pillow that encourages back sleeping.


Searching for the best treatment for fine lines and wrinkles?

We hope this blog post has helped you understand not only the most popular treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, but also some of the most common causes and types of lines you might encounter on your face.

The right knowledge teamed with the right treatment is the perfect formula to target problem areas – like wrinkles.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our treatments, or would like to book a skin consultation with one of our qualified Dermal Clinicians, please get in touch with Vitality Laser & Skin today!

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