Local influencer and busy mum behind Kids Fashion Blogger, Sandi Zaljevic, opens up on how Leopold’s Vitality Laser & Skin has helped her overcome the irritating effects of rosacea.

Gearing up for a hectic spring racing carnival season, Kids Fashion Blogger’s Sandi Zaljevic says maintaining clear and healthy skin is the cherry on top of any fashions on the field look.

The busy mum of two growing girls admits looking after her skin hasn’t been quite as seamless as it once was and she needed expert help.

Sandi turned to Vitality owner and award-winning Dermal Clinician, Annette Harman, and it has been a turning point in her six-year battle rosacea.

“I experience a lot of raised redness, especially around my cheeks and nose,” Sandi says.

“I was most concerned about the appearance, although it can sometimes become quite inflamed and develop into painful pimples.”

Often mistaken for acne, rosacea is a common inflammatory condition which causes redness, swelling and visible blood vessels.

Factors which may trigger rosacea include diet, sun damage, stress, medications and some cosmetic and skincare products.

Sandi admits she cannot trace her flare-ups to one particular factor, but when it does begin to become more visible, it can leave the usually wide-smiled mum feeling low and self-conscious.

Sandi began attending Leopold Gateway Plaza’s Vitality Laser & Skin just under three years ago and says it was a life-changing decision.

“When I’m not getting regular treatments done, I hate leaving the house without makeup on,” she says.

“It’s especially bad in the summer, when there’s the heat to contend with and you want to be outside playing with the kids.”

Sandi says when it comes to specific skin issues, it’s really important for her to have someone who she can trust, someone who truly knows what they are talking about and how to treat her conditions.

After some trial and error with other clinics, Annette Harman has been able to provide Sandi with the treatments and advice she has longed for.

“Annette has this great machine, Visia, which looks under your skin during your skin consultation and she can tell exactly what is needed,” she explains.

“I’ve been to a few people in the past and they haven’t had the knowledge Annette does.

“It can sometimes get worse if you don’t have the right care.

“Annette and her staff really understand the skin and skin-related issues.

“She has even taught me about gut health and how it can affect my skin and given me some supplements to improve my gut health.”

Annette says it has been a pleasure to use her knowledge and experience to oversee Sandi’s skin transformation and provide ongoing treatment and advice to help her to manage the rosacea.

Sandi’s treatments have included:

Visia skin consultations 

The most sophisticated diagnostic skin analysis equipment currently available, VISIA utilises specialised digital photography with a comprehensive series of reports to provide a true picture of your skin’s condition including depth of pores, UV damage, pigment disturbances, measurement of wrinkles and more.

Omnilux LED light therapy 

Omnilux is a technology based on narrowband Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that is a proven anti-ageing treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkels, improves uneven skin tone, reduces pore size and brightens the skin.

Laser Genesis 

The Laser Genesis procedure utilises non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine line wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture, diffuse redness and scars.

IPL (2D Therapy)

2D Skin Rejuvenation Therapy works to rejuvenate your skin and visibly reduce skin imperfections by stimulating collagen production, firming the skin and reducing skin pore size.

Clinical Peel 

Clinical skin peels improve a variety of skin conditions by shedding off the top layers of skin to promote the regeneration of new cell growth, resulting in  a reduction in pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring to achieve a more radiant, fresher look.

Vitality’s care doesn’t stop at the conclusion of Sandi’s in-clinic treatment, with Annette providing a carefully selected range of active ingredients for a complete home skin care regime using medical grade cosmeceuticals such as Aspect Dr, Cosmedix and Vita-sol Wholefoods, as well as providing expert advice in managing Sandi’s gut health.

“She writes it down which is great,” Sandi laughs.

“Each time I visit she reshuffles the products depending on what I need.”

Following some treatment earlier this week, Sandi says it has become clearer than ever to her just how important is it to keep up her treatment and skin care routine, and prioritise time for looking after it, to avoid the rosacea flaring up.

A visit also means she gets the added bonus of having some time to herself to unwind and relax.

“I went through stages where I couldn’t get into the clinic for about three to six months just because I was so busy with the girls and work, and I could really tell the difference in my skin, it becomes so sluggish,” she says.

“When I go regularly, every fortnight and then every month, I can see the results right away, literally as I walk out to my car.

“At about the three-month mark I can confidently leave the house without makeup, I quite often even get people telling me I look younger, which is nice.

“One visit is all it takes for me to start feeling clear, glowing and fresh again, so it really has made me aware of how important it is to keep on top of.”

Sandi says she empathises with women who feel apprehensive about going for a skin consultation, having felt self-conscious in the past.

But she assures a visit to Vitality Laser & Skin is something no woman will regret.

The professional service in a comfortable setting, combined with fantastic results, is what keeps her going back time and time again.

“I’m really lucky in that I was blessed with quite good genes and I’ve not really looked after my skin properly,” she admits.

“I used to wear makeup to bed and those kinds of thing.

“But now I’ve realised how truly important it is to have those treatments done and to have a proper skincare plan in place – you will never regret it.

“Once you get on top of those skin issues you will not look back.

“I’ve just realised it’s just so important to be looking after your skin.”

If you would like advice on treating rosacea or any other skin condition please contact our Dermal Clinicians at Vitality Laser & Skin on 03 5250 1319 or fill out a contact form here.