Cosmelan® Treatment Geelong

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After cleansing the skin, your clinician will apply the Cosmelan® treatment, which appears thick and dark on the skin. The mask should be left on the face for up to 12 hours. Afterwards, you can wash the mask off your skin. It is at this stage that the home care treatment will start. This will be explained at length in the consultation period. 

Once you have washed off the Cosmelan® mask, it is normal for the skin to be red and slightly irritated. A tight and uncomfortable sensation is to be expected, however this will gradually improve on its own. The skin can feel tender for up to 10 days after treatment. You will experience peeling after a few days, which is a necessary process to allow for the removal of the pigment. 

Cosmelan® is suitable for men and women who wish to improve the appearance of pigmentation, sun spots and melasma, as well as improve their overall skin tone and texture. The procedure is safe for all skin types. 

It is important to note that Cosmelan® is a 6-month treatment protocol. If this commitment is not suitable with your lifestyle it is possible that Cosmelan® is not the treatment for you. 

However, if you wish to find out more about Cosmelan® our team of Dermal Clinicians would love to assist you in your skin journey. 

Yes, it is a Cosmelan® protocol requirement that your skin be prepped with the mesoesetic homecare kit and a mesoesetic superficial peel prior to the Cosmelan® treatment. 

Cosmelan® Silver $1200

Includes Cosmelan® treatment and one medi-facial and LED light therapy to assist skin healing. 

Cosmelan Platinum $2200

Includes salicylic acid prepping peel, Cosmelan® treatment, mesoestetic homecare kit and three medi-facial + LED light therapy. 

Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment

Cosmelan® is a depigmenting intensive method designed to lighten and eliminate various types of pigmentation disorders through one treatment alone.

Treating pigmentation along with superficial skin blemishes, this results in the improvement of overall clarity, tone and texture within the skin. Suitable for all skin colours all year round.

The cosmelan® method consists of 4-phases which are necessary to achieve the targeted outcome. This intensive depigmentation treatment consists of pre and post treatment/ products and a clinical consult.


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