VISIA skin consultation

The most sophisticated diagnostic skin analysis equipment currently available, utilizing specialized digital photography with a comprehensive series of reports to provide a true picture of your skin’s condition.

Visia Vitality Skin 1

VISIA Skin Consultation Geelong

You will receive advice on the correct in-salon treatments and home care products for you to achieve the best possible results.

Your VISIA skin consultation includes:

  • Measurement of depth of pores.
  • Individual analysis of the skin condition.
  • Measurement of wrinkles.
  • Analysis of pigment disturbances.
  • Recognition of UV damage.
  • Recognition of porphyrine and bacteria.
  • Graphical and photographic reporting
  • Individual anti-ageing treatment planning.
  • Monitoring and progress comparisons of therapies and skin treatments.

This involves an in depth skin consultation using advanced technology to photograph the skin, whilst showing what is occurring 2mm underneath. This displays what is not visible to the naked eye. Through this we are then able to understand the aetiology and pathophysiology of the condition and chose which modality is best suited to treat the condition. During this initial consultation a quotation of cost and treatment duration will be offered, along with accompanied home care recommendations.

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