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Our oceans are rich in vital nutrients that replenish our bodies and skin. Black caviar extract provides our skin with over 18 amino acids for improved cellular metabolism and repair. The Deluxe Restoration WellnessFusion™ Journey begins with an energizing and remineralising sea salt body scrub blended with pure tropical papaya and pineapple fruit extracts, followed by a crème fraiche body wrap with a tension ease warm conditioning hair treatment. While your body is enveloped in this hydrating, delight-fully aromatic crème, we perform the Myoxy-Caviar® hard lift-off facial mask treatment for intense, dra-matic skin repair and nourishment. “Sea” the results for yourself!


Unwind and recharge with the Vita-Luminous WellnessFusion™ Journey. Life’s daily demands can take a toll on your personal and physical well-being. Strategically restore the skin’s physiological balance while detoxifying trouble areas that can appear as cellulite, pigmentation, and other symptoms of accelerated aging. The Vita-Luminous facial infuses a high concentration of advanced vitamin C for stimulating the skin’s firming and plumping collagen fibres, defeating free radicals, and addressing unwanted skin dis-colorations. Meanwhile, a superb collagen eye treatment is performed to deliver an instant eye-opening result, as a seaweed body mask is generously applied with a warm infused hair and scalp treatment.You are then wrapped to allow your body to naturally detoxify and stimulate circulation — for firmer, smoother skin. This treatment trio renders your body toned, and your skin visibly repaired and lumi-nously restored.


Discover the secret power of nature. The Pevonia® Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® WellnessFusion™ Journey uses the most active sustainable natural plant properties to deeply repair and hydrate the skin like no other experience. We begin with the Intensive Body Treatment targeting cellulite and sagging skin due to body aging.

Then, a de-aging facial follows a deep conditioning hair treatment, including an elixir from a blend of pure plant stem cells that is meticulously massaged into facial lines, wrinkles and areas of con-cern. At completion, this total face and body rejuvenation will have you turning back the seasons of your youth.


Don’t let excess sun, too little sleep, or hormonal imbalances stress you or your skin. The Soothing & Revi-talizing WellnessFusion™ Journey calms the mind and the skin and also addresses surface irritations like sunburn, rashes, and eczema. During this “cool” experience, your eye contour will be cared for with gink-go biloba, a proven ingredient to relieve both under eye dark circles and puffiness, while your face gets a treat with soothing propolis extract to heal facial breakouts and sensitivity. But the best is yet to come as your body is covered with a veil of the most delightful and comforting water lily recovery wrap. This re-storative, calming journey will leave your whole body immediately relieved and utterly soothed.

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