2D therapy

vitality 2d therapy

2D Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Redness and premature aging is a major issue with our skin here in Australia. The combination of the laser genesis and Limelight Facial has proven to significantly improve complexion problems associated with our ‘sun based’ lifestyles.

To promote a vibrant, healthy smoother skin free of red and brown blemishes 2D therapy monthly can create stimulation of new collagen, an improvement in texture and colour and healthier younger looking skin.

2 dimensional therapy utilizes both the Cutera Coolglide laser for mid dermal stimulation (papillary dermis) plus the Limelight IPL for superficial skin conditions.

The Cutera CoolGlide Laser addresses diffuse redness and textural changes (cobblestone appearance) associated with ageing skin and stimulates dermal collagen re-growth. The Limelight IPL addresses superficial (epidermis) pigment known commonly as ‘age spots’, sallowness and superficial tiny telangiectasia.

By treating 2 levels of your skin, you get twice the results.

Combines the Limelight IPL for red and brown areas with Laser for mid dermal collagen re-growth. This combination of Limelight and Laser Genesis promotes a healthier skin especially in conditions associated with sun damage.


Before and After