That’s a wrap for Annette’s 30 Days of Self Care!

Annette has loved being able to share her passion for the industry for all things cosmeceutical skincare, wellness and skin health this month through daily self care tips, and the feedback we have received from both our clients and on our social media accounts has been incredible!

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.”

You can check out every tip over the last 30 days below.


Drinking two litres of water per day helps to rid the body of toxins, improves skin health, maintains the balance of bodily fluids, aids calorie control and maintains bowel function, not to mention keeping your body well hydrated. Your skin needs H20 to deliver the essential nutrients to our cells for optimum function. Hydration is vital for our skin tissue to delay the effects of ageing. Your face is a mirror of your organs, what you put inside your body will show.


Seriously this mask totally refreshes my skin removing dirt and toxins! Did you know skin pollution can lead to visible signs of ageing? The COSMEDIX Detox Mask works perfectly to gently exfoliate, draw impurities and cleanse away pollutants for a brighter, radiant glow. This is one of my favourites!


For many years Annette’s life was running on auto pilot. Three children, several businesses and being a wife, she was at the point of burn out. There was a time in her life where she couldn’t function or even get out of bed… With her body continually aching it was like living with the flu 24 hours a day.

Desperate to find answers, doctors told her she was just over doing it and that she needed to slow down. However that was not the answer she wanted to hear. She wondered how at such a young age she could be over doing it when her mind was so driven and had so much more to give.

After many years of frustration, a medical professor diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia. With no cure it was time to get on top of this illness. Annette slowly learnt it was time to take control and build her body back up.

“Our minds are our greatest tool although can be our worst enemy. It is important to be kind to ourselves as it is with others.”

Annette soon learnt to re-program and give herself unconditional love. It is vital to be connected within yourself to feel stronger and glow. Scheduling 10 minutes of meditation into each day helped to balance Annette’s busy schedule and start the healing process. There are so many benefits of meditation and so many different ways to do it!


Good skin starts from within… Annette starts her day with a green smoothie consisting of coconut water, cucumber, spinach, avocado, ginger, lemon, green apple, banana and 1/2 teaspoon of MISS-VITALITY elevate. YUM! This smoothie not only tastes good, it will help improve your skin’s glow and give you a boost of energy!


Annette recommends a work-out routine that consists of at least four days a week of upper body/leg training to increase strength and boost metabolism. Not only will you look fantastic, you’ll feel it!


Annette is OBSESSED with COSMEDIX Elite Eye Doctor. This high potency serum improves the appearance of damaged, thinning skin with AGP encapsulated retinol encouraging skin renewal to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fighting free radicals plus providing deep hydration? It’s a no brainer!


With grapefruit oil, sandlewood and herbal amaranth, the COSMEDIX Benefit Cleanser keeps Annette’s face balanced and smooth, removing impurities, make-up and pollutants without stripping her skin barrier. Apply one pump to damp skin morning and night, remove with lukewarm water. No wonder it’s our BEST SELLER!

TIP #8 – YOGA ??

Annette loves adding yoga sessions into her fitness regime, it allows her to switch her mind off from her busy schedule. Yoga offers many benefits from good health, glowing skin, a strong flexible body and a peaceful mind. To feel connected with your thoughts gives inner peace helping build her immunity.


Ultraceuticals ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid helps with tissue repair, provides continuous hydration keeping the skin barrier function intact. A must-have in your daily skincare routine!


Everyone needs time off. Annette ensures she takes time out of busy schedule to unwind and destress by taking holidays. Port Douglas is her favourite destination!

TIP #11 – MASSAGE ??‍♀️

There’s a reason massages are one of the world’s oldest healing traditions. Annette loves to schedule in a regular massage to release muscle tension, reduce stress and most importantly, RELAX! Her favourite massage is our Vital Skin Rescue massage that includes facial cleansing, exfoliation, full body and facial massage and a professional mask treatment. Read more here

TIP #12 – SWIMMING ??‍♀️

Not all exercise needs to be strenuous. Swimming is low impact and kinder to our bodies without the stress on our joints and muscles. Shutting down her mind and finding peace while on holidays re-energises and gives her peace. Annette especially loves to incorporate it into her holidays in Port Douglas at the stunning Peppers Beach Club & Spa.


If you’re looking for something with a bit more substance than a regular smoothie, Annette ?‘s and recommends a smoothie bowl instead. They’re rich in nutrients, sweet and delicious!

Frozen Açaí sachet
Cold pressed apple juice
Coconut water
Frozen strawberries
Frozen banana
Small handful of spinach

Toppings – cut up fruit, shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds.


Antioxidants protect our skin from harmful free radicals that damage the DNA of our skin causing skin ageing. Annette incorporates this powerful serum containing 10 antioxidants in to her daily regime for a firmer and healthy skin.

COSMEDIX Affirm or Elite Pepoxide are a great option as we are spending more time outdoors.

TIP #15 – SLEEP ?

Did you know poor sleepers have increased signs of a disruption of the barrier function, impacting signs of ageing? By getting a good night’s sleep, you decrease the hormone cortisol – boosting your blood flow and and increasing your collagen – repairing the skin. Annette ensures she gets at least 8 hours sleep a night which is vital for her immune system and of course Vitality.

TIP #16 – ELEVATE ??

Elevate by MISS-VITALITY is one of Annette’s favourite organic products for glowing skin and holistic wellness. It contains phytonutrients such as spirulina, acai berry, wheatgrass, and healing slippery elm. Now with a delicious new flavour of two antioxidants, cacao and coconut. Annette recommends this daily in either water or a smoothie for energy and your skins health.


Annette applies Pevonia Botanica Australia aromatic oil every morning. It contains lavender, squalene and chamomile leaving your skin feel silky smooth without any residue. It smells to die for and Annette loves the way her skin feels non-greasy!


Annette’s go-to for stimulating collagen, improving her skin tone and texture without the downtime. This non ablative laser treatment safely delivers short pulses into the skin which refreshes the skins either face, neck or décolletage. Even better – it’s relaxing, therapeutic and you can get straight back to doing whatever you need to do. EASY!


Annette loves to make time to read for personal development and to grow her business. It’s a great way to unwind for the day and comes with great benefits! Currently Annette is reading “The Accidental Entrepreneur” by the Founder of Boost JuiceJanine Allis, followed by Gary Vaynerchuk ‘One Entrepreneur’s take on Leadership, Social Media & Self-Awareness.’

 TIP #20 – RIFFI LOOFAH ??Loofahs are a must for removing dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation and smoothing skin. Also known as exfoliating mitts, Annette highly recommends incorporating these into your daily routine!

TIP #21 – Ultra MD ??

Vitamin C is Annette’s hero cosmeceutical!!! A powerful antioxidant protecting her from the damaging UV rays and protecting her skin against free radicals. Ultimate C15+ Firming Serum improves skin firmness and elasticity, brightens and plays a vital role in collagen synthesis- smoothing over your wrinkles. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!

TIP #22 – FAMILY TIME ?‍?‍?‍?

Making time for the family can be challenging at times with running a business, but Annette always ensures she makes a date and prioritises family time first!


Skin is Annette’s passion and therefore she protects herself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, vital for preventing photodamage. Physical sunscreens are Annette’s go-to, they effectively sit on the skin to deflect or scatter UV rays. Annette recommends Colorescience Unforgettable Mineral Powder SPF 50 which is water resistant, brush-on, effective and convenient! This is a Physical Sunscreen providing the best protection from the harmful rays unlike chemical sunscreens that can still cause damage creating inflammation and irritate the skin.

TIP #24 – RUNNING ??‍♀️

Running at least 3-4 times a week helps Annette keep fit, focused and build strong bones. She loves getting out in the mornings, drifting to her music and taking in the beautiful scenery Geelong and the Bellarine has to offer!


Annette writes up weekly goals each Sunday, focusing on herself and her business. Productive planning is vital for helping her stay on track for her future and long-term goals.

TIP #26 – STRETCH ??‍♀️

Stretching is vital for keeping the muscles flexible and strong. Annette recommends stretching for a few minutes before exercising to warm up the muscles up, and after for recovery!

TIP #27 – MUSIC ?

Another one of Annette’s favourite ways to unwind is listening to her 80’s music. A kid at heart, Annette loves to have fun singing and dancing, especially to ABBA, Matchbox 20 and Bon Jovi!


Annette’s morning and night skin care routine is an important part of her day. Annette’s mother instilled the routine in her at the age of 12, meaning she recognises the importance of skin care.

She recalls the Mary Kay days and although is wasn’t ideal for her skin, her mum did let her use her anti-ageing cream. Annette’s mother is almost 80 and still has beautiful skin – such a beautiful sole and great role model!


Annette absolutely loves treating herself to a Pevonia Spa Pedicure. It’s such a relaxing and soothing treatment that is more than a treatment, it’s a facial for the feet that leaves them smooth, soft and callous free while softening hardened skin.


One of Annette’s favourite treatments to get that glow before a big event is Clear + Brilliant!
It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses fractional laser technology to help address the effects of ageing skin, refreshes your skin from the inside out and is suitable for all skin types.

Replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue, Clear + Brilliant assists in a visibly illuminated skin tone, reduction in the appearance of pores and a renewed softer and smoother texture.