For clients seeking non-surgical lifting and smoothing, the Ultraformer III is delivering outstanding results with minimal discomfort. Read on to find out how Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula clients can benefit from this state-of-the-art technology

ultraformer III


Keeping at the forefront of non-surgical skin treatments, Vitality Laser & Skin is so pleased to offer clients lifting, tightening and contouring services using the Ultraformer III which will launch in the clinic on December 4.

The micro and macro-focused application system, with fast and precise multi-functional and multi-depth treatment, gives highly effective results with minimal pain.

Vitality owner and award-winning dermal clinician Annette Harman says she cannot wait to share the innovative technology with more clients who are seeking a range of fuss-free results for different problem areas.

“The Ultraformer III can be used to treat patients with diverse skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation on the face, or stubborn belly fat and love handles on those desiring a more curvaceous body figure,” Annette says.

“I find the Ultraformer III, in comparison with other devices, delivers minimal pain with slight discomfort to the face or body, though sensations quickly subside immediately following treatment.”

ultraformer III


How does it work?

The Ultraformer III utilises cartridges focused on multiple depths of skin for lifting and tightening the face, as well as tightening body tissues for contouring purposes.

Patients can receive customised treatments on the face and body with the stable delivery of ultrasound energy, fast application, and precise accuracy of MMFU-powered transducers.

Treatments to the face use four multi-depth cartridges which directly transfer ultrasound energy into multiple layers of the face to trigger collagen renewal for a tighter, younger complexion.

The 2.0mm cartridge can also treat both narrow and sensitive contours with a slimmer transducer and faster shot speed.

Treatments to the body use macro-focused cartridges at 6.0mm, 9.0mm, and 13.0mm to directly transfer an equal distribution of ultrasound energy into the subcutaneous tissue of multiple body areas, inducing contractions as well as naturally disposing of stubborn fat cells for contouring purposes.



Are there any side effects?

Although both desired and competitive results for facial lifting and tightening and body contouring will likely show over the course of three months after receiving treatment, patients may still experience slight redness for a few hours, as well as swelling or tingling in either treatment area of focus for up to a few weeks.

There may also be bruising and numbness on treated areas but this should resolve two to four weeks following procedure.

If you have any questions about the Ultraformer III or are interested in booking a procedure, call the clinic on 03 5250 1319.